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Gilibrator-2 Primary Flow Calibrator Equipment / Instrument

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Gilibrator-2 Primary Flow Calibrator

Instrumex | Posted On: 12/2/2021
Gilibrator Primary Air Flow Calibrator manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, Mumbai-India.

Model No : Gilibrator2

The Gilian Gilibrator 2 Calibration System is an easy to use Primary Standard for the calibration of air sampling equipment. The system includes a high accuracy, electronic flow meter that provides instantaneous air flow readings and cumulative averaging of multiple samples. Three Wet Cell Assemblies provide a wide range of flow rates and are easily interchangeable using twist-on/off mounting.


• True primary standard
• Easy set-up and operation
• Field portable with battery or AC power
• Auto averaging of readings
• PC interface
• ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate (Certificate valid for 1 year)

Product Specifications

Flow range, Accuracy Low Flow Cell, 1 - 250 cc/min, ±1% of reading accuracy;
Standard Flow Cell, 20 cc/min to 6 LPM, ±1% of reading accuracy;
High Flow Cell, 2-30 LPM, ±1% of reading accuracy.
Temperature Limits Operating Temperature: 50 to 350 C (41o to 95oF);
Storage Temperature: 00 to 500 C (32o to 122oF).
Electrical DC Power Source: Internal Battery Pack;
AC Power Source: Continuous operation through adapter
Battery Charge Time 14 Hrs.;
Expected Battery Life over 300 charge/recharge cycles;
Transmission Link RS-232; Interface Connectors:
Charger Jack (2.1mm barrel jack), Printer Jack (DB-25), Sensor Jack - Wet Cell (DB-9)
Dimension Low flow cell – 2W x 4H x 3.1D inches
Standard flow cell – 2.5W x 6H x 2.6D inches
High flow cell – 3.5W x 8.1H x 3.7 inches