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High Volume PM10 Sampler Equipment / Instrument

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High Volume PM10 Sampler

Instrumex | Posted On: 11/2/2021
PM10 High Volume Air Sampler (VFC, Digital Timer) manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, Mumbai-India.

Model No : IPM-115 BL/NL

Instrumex Respirable Dust Sampler is a versatile dust sampler that is based on a design standardized by CPCB for collection of PM10 & Totoal Suspended Particulates (TSPM) in ambient air and also simultaneously samples the particulates having aerodynamic diameter less than 10 Micron.

Key Features

• Simultaneous Sampling of PM10 & TSPM
• Brushless & Noiseless Blower Motor
• Programmable Timer
• Rugged construction for heavy duty usage
• Voltage Protection Relay for superior motor protection

Instrument Overview

Instrumex Respirable Dust Sampler employs heavy duty Brushless and Noiseless blower that draws air through a size-selective inlet and through a 20.3 X 25.4 cm (8 X 10)" filter at a flow rate, which is typically between 0.9 — 1.4 m3/min maintained by an Orifice. A cyclonic flow technique is used to separate the particles with aerodynamic diameter less than the cut-point of the inlet (PM10). These are collected by the filter. The particles greater than 10 micron are separated at the bottom of the cyclone into a dust collecting bottle. The mass of PM10 particles is determined by the difference in filter weights prior to and after sampling. The concentration of PM10 in the designated size range is calculated by dividing the weight gain of the filter by the volume of air sampled.

Technical Specifications

Particle size Below 10p collected on Filter paper & larger than 101 collected in a sampling
Flow Rate Bottle : 0.9 to 1.4 meter cube/min
Sampling Time User Programmable
Sampling Timer Record 0 - 9999.99 hrs
Automatic Sampling By- 24 Hrs Programmable Timer
Voltage Stabilizer Auto shut off beyond (170 — 270)V by a Programmable Relay
Air sampling Filtration Media (8x10)" suitable for E P M2000 and GF/A
Power 230 V. 50 Hz. 1 Phase A.C.
Overall size Approximate(400X300X650)mm
Blower Type Heavy Duty Brushless Blower & Noise Less
Calibration Calibrated from NABL Accredited (ISO 17025) Laboratory
Power Requirement 230V AC, 50 Hz. Single Phase 5A

Gaseous Sampling

Normal Gaseous Sampling Kit:
Aluminum enclosure housing an Ice tray attached at the back of the instrument with following provisions:
• Impinger stand for 4 nos. of glass impingers.
• 4 Way acrylic manifold with needle valves for precision flow control
• 0.3 - 3LP M rotameter for flow setting
• 4 Nos. of glass Impingers. (cap. 35m1.)

Thermoelectric Gaseous Sampling Kit:
In tropical weather where temperatures can soar above 35°C, the reagents in the impingers tend to evaporate quickly. This results in erroneous reporting of the Gaseous pollutants. Instrumex Thermoelectric Gaseous Sampling Kit is a separate enclosure with a Peltier cooling system that automatically maintains temperature between 10 - 15°C. Thereby completely eliminating the hassle of replacing the ice/cold water after every few hours

Optional Extras

• Chemical Kit for sampling of SO2, NO2, NH3 & 03
• Dust Sampling Bottles • G FA Filter papers, Size (8x10)"
• Whatman EPM 2000 filter paper, Size (8x10)"