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Lux / Light Intensity Meter Equipment / Instrument

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Lux / Light Intensity Meter

Instrumex | Posted On: 12/2/2021
Lux meters (high-precision light measurement) manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, Mumbai-India.

Model No : LX-101A

Lutron LX-101A is a Precise,easy readout and wide range lux meter. It provides high accuracy measurement. It has Built in low battery indicator. It is compact, light-weigth and gives excellent operation. Its LCD display can clearly read out of even of high ambient light.

Key Features

• Sensor used the exclusive photo diode & multi-color correction filters, spectrum meet C. I. E. standard.
• Built-in low battery indicator.
• Sensor COS correction factor meet standard
• Separate LIGHT SENSOR allows user take measurements of an optimum position.
• LCD display provides low power consumption.

Technical Specifications

Display 13 mm ( 0.5" ) LCD.
Ranges 0-50,000 Lux. 3 Ranges.
Zero adjustment Internal adjustment
Sampling Time 0.4 Second
Power Supply DC 9V battery. 006P
MN1604 ( PP3 ) or equivalent.
Power Consumption Approx. DC 2 mA.
Dimension 108x73x23 mm ( 4.3x2.9x0.9 inch)