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Stack Monitoring Kit

Model No : IPM-112

INSTRUMEX STACK MONITORING KIT IPM-112 is designed to serve the most crucial purpose of measuring the total volumetric discharge of particulate matter and gaseous pollutants from the stacks. This efficient and flexible system samples, all gaseous stream effluents in accordance with the Air {Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act of 1981 by which all industrial establishments have to measure and monitor emissions from their plants and keep them under controlled limits. It takes accurate isokinetic samples of the effluents in the emissions from chemical and combustion process. Designed to operate with its sampling probe in a horizontal or vertical position, this versatile unit can be used in round or rectangular stacks and ducts with flow velocities from 1 to 40 m/sec and temperatures up to 600C or higher with optional accessories. It collects particulate samples (down to 0.3 dial) sulphur dioxide gas (SO2) sulphur trioxide (SO3), Sulphuric Acid mist (H2SO4), Oxides of Nitrogen (NO3), Water vapors and many other gases which can be measured by Chemical methods.

Key Features

• Lightweight powder coated control unit is provided in four separate boxes for easy handling
• Digital readout for temperature of dry gas meter and stack gas.
• Dry gas meter for total flow measurement
• Unique Tapered thimble holder for leak proof collection
• Six glass impingers
• Acrylic rotameters for flow measurements
• Light weight monoblock vacuum pump
• Inclined Manometer with 0.01 inch WG resolution with spill proof arrangement
• S- type pitot tube of 1.5-meter length individually calibrated as per EPA regulations ( I.I.T.Mumbai)
• S.S. Thermocouple of 1.5-meter length