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Manual Hydraulic Press- KBR

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Manual Hydraulic Press- KBR

Instrumex | Posted On: 12/2/2021
Manual Hydraulic Press | FTIR + XRF Pellet Press manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, Mumbai-India.

Model No :

Instrumex brand Kbr Hydraulic Pres os suitable for making 13mmm dia die Or Ultra micro die with a set of Evocable Kbr Die for IR Spectroscopy solid sampling. The die produces a disc of 13 mm diameter from which a spectrum may be obtained. Using full beam energy if the instrument without use of a beam condenser. A nipple is fitted in the die for evacuated. This die easily can be dismental for cleaning purpose.

Accessories for IR

• KBr Press
• KBr Die
• Plunger ANVIL
• Pelet Holder
• Pelet remover
• KBr/Nacl window/cell