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Thermo Electric Gaseous Pollutant Sampler Equipment / Instrument

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Thermo Electric Gaseous Pollutant Sampler

Instrumex | Posted On: 11/2/2021
Thermo Electric Gaseous Pollutant Sampler-Environmental Instruments manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, Mumbai-India.

Model No : IPM-117

Thermoelectric Gaseous Sampling Kit is a Gaseous sampling kit with automatic temperature control. It employs a Peltier cooling system and a thermostat for setting the desired temperature between 0 – 60 Deg C. Automatic temperature control eliminates the need of changing the cold water after every few hours for ensuring that the reagents do not evaporate due to excessive ambient heat.

It has a built-in mini vacuum pump of capacity 10LPM.

Housed in a high impact plastic assembly, this kit is extremely portable rain/dust proof. The system works on 230V, ACpower.

The kit consists of following:

- Calibrated Rotameter (0-3LPM)
- 4 way Acrylic manifold with flow adjustment through needle valve
- 4 impingers of 35ml. capacity
- Impinger stand
- Connecting tubes made up of Silicon.